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you are the authority of your own body

Ready to Learn how to track your cycle?


-hormone and cycle physiology

-empowered, updated anatomy

-how to track your cycle to identify fertile and non-fertile times

-the rules to follow for contraception

-supportive contraceptive measures and assessing risk

-identifying hormonal health imbalances

One-on-One Cycle Tracking Support

Transitioning off hormonal birth control?

Ready to address hormonal imbalances? 

Need post-partum contraception?

Preparing to conceive? 

Want to better know your body?

Cycle Tracking could be for you. ​Having one-on-one support for learning this method and interpreting what you see on your charts is a supportive way to get started and use the practice effectively.

Book a free 30 minute exploratory call to determine if working together is right for you.

More questions? Email Monica at

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